Q: Who is the "Restoration Guru"?

A: The word guru, means teacher. Restoration Guru means teacher of restoration. We like to think of our site as the guru and not one particular individual. It’s a place where experts in all areas of the restoration industry can share knowledge.

Q: What exactly is Restoration Guru?

A:  It’s a learning center, gathering point and an information facilitator for all things restoration. It’s a place where you can go to get insider tips on how to run a business and expert advice on how to manage and motivate staff. Let’s not forget the most important people in the company either. And by that we’re talking about the ones in the front line; your staff who preform the daily pack out and deal with the (often) difficult and unpredictable situations. Think of Restoration Guru as the boot camp and armory preparing you and your army for the battle of business. [Cue Rocky theme song.]

Q: How can I contribute to Restoration Guru?

A:  You can contribute to Restoration Guru by submitting an article, as a guest speaker in a webinar, or by creating content for an online course.  Visit our contact page to get in touch with our content development team to learn more.

Q: Can I earn income by providing content for Restoration Guru?

A:  Yes you can earn an income when you provide fee based content.  If you have already built a course, we can help you sell it.  Or if you have something that you would like to teach in a course, we can help you build a course.  Either way, click here to contact our content development team to learn more about how to get started.

Q: Who is the girl that we see in a lot of the videos?

A: Jen is our fearless host. After a nationwide search, we found the perfect combination. Jumping headfirst into the industry, she’s not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked and finds a way to deliver the answers in a fun, digestible and easy to understand format. Check out a few video’s.  We think you’ll know what we mean.