Nothing is as close to your customers as their soft contents and laundry - both figuratively and literally.  As a soft contents restorer, you have the opportunity to restore irreplaceable items that can help people get back to "normal" as quickly as possible.  Having the ability to restore rather than replace not only results in greater customer satisfaction but also decreased claim closing costs and a reduced environmental impact.  With the introduction of modern soft contents restoration technology comes an even greater need for training, certification, and continuing education.  This is because the variety of goods that are being restored and the volume of goods being handled is increased dramatically.

Soft Contents Restoration Resources

Education is the cornerstone of success in soft contents restoration.  Having the proper equipment, cleaning solutions, and supplies is only part of the equation.  To maximize the return on investment for soft contents restoration and ensure proper decontamination, you need to invest in training, certification, and continuing education. 

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